Research Reports 
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Did you Know?
  • The Ghaf tree (Prosopis cineraria) is extremely drought resistant and its roots can go down to 30 metres, enabling it to reach the water table in the DDCR

In order for the DDCR to be managed by sound scientific principles, research is being undertaken by the full time conservation team and in conjunction with a number of UAE universities.

Current Research Projects

Baseline Study of the Arthropod fauna of the DDCR

A baseline study to gain an understanding of the Arthropod fauna present on the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, as well as, how they are effected by environmental factors such as habitat, vegetation, seasonal and climatic changes on the reserve.

Camera Trap Survey of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

As many species within desert environments are both nocturnal and elusive, it is difficult to gather reliable information on their populations. A camera trap is a camera that triggers when an animal passes in front of an infrared and motion detector.

Assessment of Forage Productivity and Carrying Capacity

To investigate and recommend strategies, to manage and restore the rangelands and conserve their biodiversity in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Fixed Point Photography

To maintain a visual record of the different habitat types within the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Macqueen’s Bustard Re-introduction

To supplement the wild population, which migrate through the UAE, of this species that is classified, on the IUCN Red Data List, as vulnerable through rapid population decline.

Baseline Study on the Arabian Red Fox

As the primary predator on the DDCR, the Arabian Red Fox has the ability to have an impact on other species through both competition and predation. A baseline study was required to gain a better understanding of the Arabian Red Fox within the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.